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Tired and Sleepy and Exhausted and Bored

Yeah so here I am, still awake at 5:50 in the morning when I have stuff to do the following morning. Here are recent revelations I have had:

1) I was right to be honest about my feelings for Courtney way back in 2001

2) Livejournals are so retarded

3) I am posting on a livejournal

4) Therefore, I am retarded

5) Keeping #2 in mind, I don't ever want to post a serious entry on livejournal, which is kind of the reason why I never get around to writing anything since writing nonsense is easy and if I did it all the time my livejournal would be shallow and empty!!!! Then again.......

6) This is my sixth not so revelation, revelation.

7) I need to work on a personal page so I can post my real thoughts on stuff and also post bullshit

8) I will be stopping at 10 revelations

9) I lied

P.S. Those are my initials

P.P.S. It is funny how two weeks can wash away years of self doubt and misery

P.P.P.S. I don't think "P.P.P.S." is real, but anyways I like Scrubs, it is great, watch it. Now.

Special note for Palidor: A local cable station here will be getting Six Feet Under Starting tomorrow (Sunday) O M G
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