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I'm singing in the rain~~~

I dunno if you know (you probably don't, whoever you are) but Vancouver just went through one of the craziest dry spells ever, I think we went without a decent rain for over 3 months, which is totally unusual for this city. Anyway, the point to all of this inane babbling is that IT IS RAINING, VANCOUVER STYLE!!!! Man how I missed the rain. But anyway this isn't going to be a post about the weather... ok well yes it is, and yes I am that lame. The real point is that I walked in the rain wearing a t-shirt since I left my jacket in Arkansas. And I loved it. A lot. And I got splashed by a car, and I loved that too. A lot. I am crazy, I am free, I am hyper, I am bored and I am really, really feeling alive right now. My advice for the day, go take a long walk in the rain, and just think.

P.S. Those are my initials
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