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I miss my dog

Life is finally starting to get back on track for my family and recently the only thing I find myself thinking about is how it is total bullshit that Axle isn't here struggling and fighting with us. I hate the fact that he is not around to see how we are rebounding from the disasters that hit this family. I just get so filled with sadness and anger about the whole thing and well, I just plain miss my friend. Having him around in even the worst of times could make me smile and I think that is what I miss the most right now. I should be happy right now, and I am, but I always get these stupid bouts of overwhelming sadness. Yet there is still much to be done, and all we can do is hold on to Axle's memory and draw strength from it. Axle I love you my friend, and thanks for helping to show me what real courage is all about.

P.S. Those are my initials
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